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FETCH: Frustration Elimination Through Conversation That’s Healthy

FETCH is time tested and quite literally THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL we’ve seen used to deal with high stakes challenges relating to people. Spouses. Children. Partners. Executives. Managers. Front-liners. Anyone who matters in your life and business!

While relationships and performance shouldn’t be always measured numerically, we’ve seen it foster multi-million dollar outcomes. It works, and it’s bathed in grace AND truth. Hard on the issue; soft on the person!

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“FETCH has helped create amazing breakthrough and victory. It’s given me a way to deal with people without belittling and hurting them. It’s enhanced our culture.”

— Owner, Construction Company

Learn the 8 steps to effective confrontation.

  • A proven process to help you eliminate frustration with your most common challenge: People!
  • Fearlessly and confidently manage high stakes conversations
  • Minimize your frustration, heartburn, aggravation, passive aggression and stress in a healthy way
  • Offer both grace truth: Hard on the Issue, soft on the person
  • Works with all of the people in your life: Partners, Executives, Managers, Front-liners, Spouses, and Children.
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